I grew up in a creative household; my mother with crafts and painting & my father with woodworking and sculpting.


Continuing in the arts, I discovered the freedom of applying the paint straight from the can.

close-up of  Nelson Mandela - 2013

close-up of Nelson Mandela - 2013

The dripped paint represents isolated ideas; (hope, hate, death, rebirth) and the swipe across them represents time.

Give Me Nothing - 2013

Give Me Nothing - 2013

I often try to create paintings that build neutral spaces where difficult discussions may begin.

The above painting's inspiration: Click to view the news image.


   In the beginning of my artistic career, although I did well academically at college, I lacked confidence in my ability. I intentionally created paintings in a variety of styles to avoid my fear of having similar pieces judged against another one and display a lack of skill. During this period I began experimenting with different tools to explore new styles. My favourite discovery was using an adhesive trowel to just graze the surface of the wet paint. This created stunning colour blends, and organic holes in the swiped paint that revealed the background underneath of it.

   After becoming more confident I began developing a more consistent style with the swiping technique. My pieces developed with the concept that the paint being dropped onto the canvas represented isolated ideas; and a continuous swipe across them represented time passing, which pushed the isolated parts together into a smooth inter-playing of ideas.

   Later I explored using latex paints and experimented using many different homemade tools to drip the paint onto the canvas. I loved the freedom it gave me to apply the paint straight from the container in organic and dynamic ways. After swiping across the surfaces, these paintings resembled a mix between Jackson Pollock’s drip works and Gerhard Richter’s squeegee paintings.

   Now I continue to use this drip and swipe technique, and incorporate rolling or folding the paintings to include a third dimension. This has led me to consider many more possibilities of expressing the temporal and spacial dimensions of stories and ideas.

Come and explore with me.

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